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Top 10 Tips When Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is a major event and like all major events it requires planning. The price you pay for your car will depend to a great extent on how you approach this process, and in the current economic climate, the potential savings can be huge. We have put …

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Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Dallas, TX

First, know that all citizens of Dallas and the entire state of Texas are required by law to purchase car insurance; it’s not an option. The insurance must be obtained through a licensed Texas provider. Some providers offer coverage in multiple states while others are limited to just one or …

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Auto Tips For Winter Driving

Is there a chill in the air as you drive your car to work? Are you turning the auto heat on rather than the air conditioner? Do you find the need for the auto defrost? Nature is warning you that there is a change in the air and it is …

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Ways to Drive Your Car For Less

Almost everyone needs to drive at some point or another and for many people that is an unfortunate truth. There was a time when individuals were able to walk everywhere, but the world moves at such a fast pace it simply often not possible any more. That being said, we …

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Drive Less to Enjoy Cheap Auto Insurance

Shopping for cheap auto insurance can be hassle for anyone. We all have to have car insurance at some point in our lives. If you drive any type of vehicle, the law in most states requires you to buy minimum liability coverage no matter how young or old. There are …