Auto Tips For Winter Driving

Is there a chill in the air as you drive your car to work? Are you turning the auto heat on rather than the air conditioner? Do you find the need for the auto defrost? Nature is warning you that there is a change in the air and it is time to prepare for that change. Soon your auto will be confronted with ice on the windshield, low vehicle start temperatures, slippery roads, and all the challenges that come with winter months.
The good news is you can prepare your auto now for those months and have a trouble free automotive winter experience. The bad news is if you do not prepare your car for those months, winter will play havoc on your automotive drive.
Here are a few auto tips for winter driving that will give you peace of mind and keep you in your car nice and cozy, rather than outside of it shivering waiting for the tow truck. Check your car battery to make sure it has the energy for those low temperature starts. Make sure your antifreeze has the right consistency for low temperatures. You do not want that to freeze up on you. Check your tires for good tread. If there is any doubt replace them so that yout tires have a good grip on those snowy roads. You don’t want to end up in a ditch because of worn tires.
Get an oil change so the gunk is out of the engine and you have quicker engine starts. The quicker the engine starts the less wear on the battery and the sooner you are warm and toasty. Always keep your gas tank full. It is best to fill your auto gas tank when the gauge shows half full. The extra weight will help for better traction and if you should get stranded a full tank of gas will be added safety for you.
Check the auto lights, belts and hoses, and windshield wipers, and replace if necessary. Its a good idea to keep a blanket in the car, a flashlight with good batteries, and a first aid kit for any road emergency.
Prepare your auto now for the winter months and you and your car will enjoy the winter months more. Take the stress out of your winter driving by preparing for it now.

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