Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Car insurance for young drivers is an area that is generally considered to be high-risk by insurance companies. This is due to the fact that statics show a significant number of fatal accidents involving young drivers each year. The premiums for car insurance for young drivers are rather high due to this factor.
There are numerous other factors that have a bearing upon the rates of insurance. If the young driver is a boy the premium is higher than that of a girl of the same age. This again is due to statistics showing that boys are usually more reckless in their driving. However, having a good driving record will help to reduce the premium. Other factors that will help reduce the insurance rates are:
o Safety devices fitted to the car
o Low profile vehicle
o Being a member of an organization through which better rates are given
o Having a defensive driving certificate
o Reduced mileage
o Having a combination insurance cover
o An unblemished track record as a driver
o Increasing deductibles
The best way to get a good rate for a young driver seeking insurance cover is to look around as this will give a better idea as to what type of deals you are looking at. This will enable the young car driver to bargain for the best possible insurance premiums. There are many companies that give young drivers who are in school a good discount for getting good grades. The insurance premiums may be on the high side to start with and will go down as the driver proves himself to be reliable and efficient at driving.

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