Car Insurance Quote For Students – 5 Tips

Students have a lot to think about academically, including choosing a course of study, working hard, and getting good grades. They also have a lot to think about in terms of their finances: how to pay for school, how to scrape enough money together to buy books, and how to pay for the essentials like car insurance.
Insurance is one of those necessary things that all students have to buy, even though they sometimes resent having to pay for it. Still, not only is buying car insurance required by law, but having it can come in handy when you get into a serious accident. Car insurance can reduce the chances of a lawsuit (if the accident is your fault) and can cover your property damage and medical expenses (which it is your fault or if you are hit by an uninsured motorist).
If you are looking for car insurance for students, here are 3 tips that can help you find the best deal:
1. Know the minimum insurance requirements in your state:
Every state has a different set of minimum insurance requirements. In most states, the minimum type of required insurance coverage required is called liability coverage. Liability coverage is the one that pays for the other party’s vehicle and medical expenses if you cause an accident. Check your local state’s department of insurance website for the current coverage requirements.
2. Decide what other types of coverage to buy:
Even though you only need to buy the minimum requirements by law, it is wise to consider buying higher liability insurance coverage minimums than what your state requires. Also, consider seriously buying other types of coverage such as:
a. collision coverage: this covers your own property if the accident is your fault
b. medical payments & personal injury protection: this covers the members of your party for medical expenses if the accident is your fault
c. uninsured motorist: this type of coverage covers your own party’s property and medical expenses if the accident is the other party’s fault and they do not have insurance
3. Make sure you write down all of your possible discounts:
Before calling around for quotes, make sure to make a list of all of the possible discounts for which you are eligible. This is because not every insurance provider you call will run you through the list of available discounts; sometimes, you need to ask.
Examples of possible discounts for which you may be eligible include: good student, safety equipment (e.g., anti-lock brakes, air bags, etc.), and good driver discounts.
4. Put together a list of 5 car insurance companies:
Now, you are ready to call around. Research online and make a list of at least 5 car insurance companies. The more choices you have, the better the chance of finding the cheapest-possible car insurance for your needs as a student.
5. Get insurance quotes from all 5 companies:
When you call around, be sure to get quotes for the identical coverage from all 5 companies. That way, you can make an apples-to-apples comparison.
Follow these 5 tips to get the best quote for car insurance quotes for students.

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