Driving Your Way To Cheap Car Insurance

In car insurance, the insurance provider looks at two things: the car and the driver. Each aspect is going to be rated in terms of risk. Car risk level is assigned by determining if the car is safe enough to insure, if it is one of the more commonly stolen vehicles in the area, and such. The driver is measured according to driving history and sense of responsibility. As a driver, you can get cheap insurance simply by driving responsibly.
Driving your way to cheap insurance means you drive slow and defensively. If you’re a guy, you may laugh or get irritated at how passive women drive, but the lack of driving aggression is what exactly makes women’s car insurance cheaper than men’s. For you to get cheap insurance, make sure you have been driving “cleanly” for at three to five years. That’s just about how far the insurance companies look back on your driving record.
One thing you can do to get the car insurance companies’ faith is to get certified as a good driver. You can get your certification from various defensive driving courses. Enroll and pass these courses, and you’ll get cheaper insurance. Of course, you will want to figure out which courses are endorsed by the car insurance companies you’re eyeing. Get some quotes, pick out the insurance company you think you’ll sign up with, and ask them what courses you can take to get your discount.
In terms of driving, there is another “driving tip” that you can take into consideration to get cheaper insurance and that is to drive less. Driving less means you have less chances of getting into an accident, whether or not it’s your fault. This makes you a lower risk driver. This is the logic behind the car insurance cheapening tactic involving maintaining low mileage. This is why seniors, who don’t drive to work anymore, get cheap insurance.
Prevention is the best treatment, as they say, and in the world of car insurance, there is no greater truth to the statement. One of the things you should do to get cheap car insurance is to prepare for it. By that, I mean be in the “low risk” category. Risk can pertain to the car and the driver, but the latter is the aspect that you can do much for. That being said, simply be a good driver and you’ll get the cheapest insurance quotes around.

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