New Driver Car Insurance – Can You Get a Discount?

As a new driver you need to look for car insurance that is affordable and that will fully cover you, lack of coverage is a risk that you should not take because your car and your life are at risk when you get in to an accident and you need enough financial support to help you out.
Unfortunately new drivers car insurance is expensive, this is because teenagers which are usually new drivers, according to car accident statistics cause most of the accidents, therefore for auto insurance companies they are a high risk.
So you need to look for alternative ways to reduce your rates, here are some things that you can do:
– buy a car that is not expensive and that is not a sports car
– take a driving course certificate, which helps you to reduce your rates
– have good grades at school, most companies will give you a discount
– install safety devices on your car
– keep your car mileage low
For example if you drive less than 10,000 miles a year you will get a better rate than if you drive 20,000 miles a year. The more time you drive the higher risk you have of getting in to an accident, try to use your car just when is very necessary.
Avoid getting any claims and tickets, if you drive safely and keep a clean driving record you will be able to reduce your rates a lot in the next years.
As a new driver you have a lot of responsibility and you need to show your auto insurance company that you can drive fine. After a year of a clean driving record you may ask for a reduction in your rates or just shop around to see if another company give you a better rate.
Now all you need to do is shop around compare quotes and choose the company that you like, choose one that has good customer support and that is reliable.

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