Things to Do and Enjoy in Alicante

Alicante is situated on the sands of the Mediterranean Sea. It is about at one hour drive from Benidorm. The Alicante Airport, El Altet governs the region completely. This is one of the biggest airports for charter flights and it in fact offers an excellent transportation system which joins major locations from North and South. This is one of the most famous, vibrant and refined holiday destinations. The region is full with palm trees, a significant commercial port as well as very pleasing coastal strolls. Moreover, there are a lot of historic buildings and busy markets. One of the attractions of Alicante is a unique beach i.e. The Playa del Postiguet.
You can enjoy your stay at Alicante as there are so many things to do; just rent a car that is economical and comfy and enjoy the trip. Never forget to visit the sea promenade and the leisure marina as they would just amuse you and would make you think to come there again. The Casinos would also grab attention of yours. The streets and squares of the historic centre make Alicante just so wonderful. Along the Penon de Ifac, there are various climbing routes and if you are daring nature then you would love climbing the dangerous and daring climbing routes.
There are so many ways to go to Benidorm. This is one of the leading and most attractive tourist cities in Spain. If you hire a car and you need to reach Denia from the E-15, it would take an hour of yours. And from there, you can go Ibiza by a ferry. Going Altea via tram is also a fun. You would also love to walk between the whitewashed houses and purchasing some handicraft would let you remember the days even after you go back to your hometown. A pleasure trip for a few days to the Balearic Islands is a wonderful decision. You can also enjoy if you plan the trip to the Mediterranean Sea.

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