Top Tips to Save on Car Insurance

There are many factors to why your car insurance might be increasing in cost each year. And it isn’t just the way inflation might be impacting prices.
Each day insurance companies need to analyse the risk they are taking on by carefully allocating costs for different circumstances and various insurance terms – be it full comprehensive insurance or just fire and theft for example.
With costs increasing year on year there are still ways you can save on insurance.
We have highlighted some helpful tips below
1. Raise the Excess you are willing to pay.
Whenever you make a car insurance claim there is always an excess you must pay for them to fulfill the claim. If you raise this amount the overall cost of your car insurance will be dropped. The reason is that the insurance company does not need to take on any more risk if you go as a guarantee to put more of your money against the claim.
2. Look around for the cheapest insurance price.
By shopping around for your insurance you can instantly see the price differences from one company compared to another. This means instant savings by going with the cheaper alternative. In a world where companies want to keep their customers more than ever they are willing to go that extra step and reduce their prices to match a competitor so you will stay with them.
3. Improve your driving record.
Whatever vehicle you drive no matter the age, price to insure it can be reduced if you have a great driving record. Doing things such as an advanced driving course is one great way to reduce the premium each year, as insurance companies will favour a more experienced driver. This is the reason that it is no surprise that older drivers tend to pay much less for their insurance than younger drivers who live in the same area.
4. Don’t drive as much.
Some of the latest companies to hit the Australian market advertise that you should not have to pay the same amount as a person who drives much less. If you only use your car on weekends be sure to tell the insurance company this fact. They can adjust the premium for the insurance and you will be paying much less than you might otherwise would have paid.
5. Install a tracking device on your car.
A little while ago there were certain cars that were carjacking targets. They were either used in a crime later that day or used to smash into shop fronts or getaway cars. When people began adding car tracking systems to these targeted cars they also noticed that the price for their insurance was instantly reduced. This lowers the risk of never being able to find a car if it is ever stolen.

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