Why is Car Insurance So High For Teenagers? 3 Proven Teenager Insurance Money Saver Tips

Why is car insurance so high for teenagers? It comes as a shock to most of the parents when they are trying to get a car insurance policy for their teenagers. The simple reason is almost all the insurance companies consider teenagers as drivers who are more prone to accidents, and does not have a driving history and credit history. They fear that the damage claims will be more and they are trying to cover this up with the high premium rate.
Don’t loose heart. I will show you some of the proven methods which will significantly reduce your child’s premium cost. The below 3 tips are very effective in bringing your policy amount significantly.
1) Give your kids good driving lessons.
Most insurance companies are willing to reduce the policy amount if you can show them that your teenager knows about the road driving behavior and has undergone driving lessons. This will make sure that the insurance companies will move your teenager’s application from a high risk category to a moderate risk category which will result in getting you a good deal on the policy amount.
2) Buy an insurance friendly car.
Do you know what an insurance friendly vehicle is? The same way you have a driving history, most of the car models have a history. Some of them are a favorite among the car thieves. All insurance companies know about each and every type of car model’s history and this will definitely have an impact on your teenager’s policy amount. So make sure that you do a proper research on the models history before you buy your car.
3) Get quotes from multiple insurance companies
Never finalize your teenager’s policy without getting quotes from multiple insurance companies. Each and every insurance company will assess the insurance application and they arrive at the premium amount based on their internal rating factors. Even though there are a lot of things are common among them, the ratings of each factor will vary and you will be pleasantly surprised to get a cheaper policy for your child.

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